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Growing up in Southwest Virginia has it's advantages. Like the seasons. The Blue Ridge Mountains turn from from green and vibrant in the Summer to beautiful orange, yellow, and reds in the Autumn. The Winter doesn't get too cold and the Spring is green and beautiful again. There are many talented artists and musicians in this area and there is rarely a weekend that goes by without something special happening somewhere. The good things usually come with the "not so good" and that is probably the same thing that makes a place livable. Everyone seems to know everyone's business and that "business" is not always good. All and all, where I live is a great place to raise a family and make friends. I call The Star City "Home". Peace, Ugly.

 My Short Time Riding on The Furthur Bus & Crew was wonderful.


Here is Angus Young of AC/DC, doing his famous striptease during the song "The Jack". As I walked up to the venue, there was a "Christian" group protesting the concert, which made the entry more exciting, as I watched the Angus Young want-a-bees file through the door. This video was taken on my Leica digital camera on 10.25.2009 at The Greenboro Coliseum. The crowd was a little redneck, pretty drunk, and completely on fire for AC/DC.(My kind of crowd) The band responded to the thunderous reception and therefore put on my favorite show of the year. I got a little lost trying to get out of Greensboro as I always seem to do. Other than that, a great way to spend a Sunday night in October!!! Enjoy! -Ugly

Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie put on a Monster Show! 

The Flaming Lips in Richmond!

Here is my brief, yet very cool video from RUSH at The Greensboro Coliseum on 4-2-2011. They are an amazing band that really puts on a great concert. I had a blast!

A MUST SEE!  @UglyTone Approved! Stoner Geek Rock at it's finest!