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Wayne Coyne and Me
Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) and Ugly

Rob Ugly Alice
Rob Zombie, Ugly, Alice Cooper

  • I look serious most of the time and tend to scare people who don't know me. 
  • The enjoyment from Family is #1, Music/Live Music/Art/Photography is #2.
  • Over the top? Shocking? I will probably like it unless it's really violent. Dry to Dark Humor, Please.
  • I am first and foremost an artist and everything is art. So smile, YOU are art.
  • Everything that creates a sound can be shaped into music. YOU are music.
  • My Southern Conservative Upbringing Warped Me For Life and I don't mean a little.
  • Yes, I question authority. Yes, I question authority. Do you hear me? Pay attention to this one. 
  • When I "wing it", the results are usually better than if I actually prepared.
  • Growing up is optional. Acquiring wisdom is not. I have been called immature. -I am Ugly 

Brad Paisley and Ugly

The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair & Ugly

Jane Seymour and Me
Jane Seymour and Ugly (Hey Now)

YES & Me!
YES & Ugly!

Ugly at The Flaming Lips!
Ugly at The Flaming Lips concert in Richmond

Where am I going? FURTHUR


Kiss and Ugly

UglyTone/Brian Wilson Mike Love and Ugly
Brian Wilson and Mike Love of The Beach Boys

Carrie Underwood and Me
Carrie Underwood and Ugly

Legendary Manager for The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead, Sam Cutler & Ugly

Great White (Jack Russell) and Ugly

KISS and Me 1
KISS and Me (Alt.)

One of 300 "Tongue Pit" Passes. Rolling Stones 2012

FURTHUR Bus September 2014

Rhoney Stanley (Owsley Stanley's Former Wife) & Ugly

Ugly on WDBJ-7

Hank Jr and Me
Ugly and Hank Williams Jr.

James Taylor and Ugly
Ugly Selfie with James Taylor Photobomb

Trace Adkins and Ugly

Martina McBride and Ugly

Jill Rappaport and Ugly
Jill Rappaport (Today Show) and Ugly

Ugly in Naples
Ugly in Naples

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